• Where are My Dream Spa Bus Parties held?

My Dream Spa Bus parties are held at your home or venue of your choice. We bring the spa to you! Please be sure to secure parking/hotel clearance for the bus.

  • How do I book a mobile spa party?

To reserve a party date and time in the Houston area, press BOOK on our Package Page and follow the directions for added convenience 24hrs a day, or simply call us at (832) 855-8580

  • How do I prepare for my mobile spa party?

All you need to do to prepare for My Dream Spa Bus party is designate a space for your party, and we take care of the rest, bringing our Houston kids party venue to you! Our friendly party hostesses will have everything needed for your spa experience including robes, polishes, party props, music, and much more. Please let us know when booking your party if you have any special space restraints and we will tailor your spa experience to meet your needs. We may also require access to electricity and running water.

  • What happens if I cancel my party?

72 hour notice is required with all cancellations and rescheduling or you will risk forfeiting your deposit. This is strictly enforced due to the reservation nature of our business. We will make every attempt to reschedule your party within the desired time frame should you need to reschedule

  • What happens if a party is cancelled due to inclement weather or mechanical failure?

If My Dream Spa Bus cannot make it to your party due to extreme weather conditions or unforseen mechanical failure, we will return your full deposit or make alternate party arrangements that are acceptable to the party host.

  • Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes we do! Simply click the desired denomination of your choice on our Package Page. Gift certificates can be redeemed online towards any mobile spa party bookings in the Houston area and are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

  • What should the girls do to prepare for their Rockstar party?

The girls should come with nail polish removed from hands and feet for maximum party time.

  • Is there space for the parents to stay in the Party Bus?

Due to limited work space, parents will not be allowed on the bus during spa services. However, we will allow one parent (usually host parent) to join in on the fun during party time.

  • Should we tip the party hostesses?

Tips are not required but if we made your little girls party a one-of-a-kind experience, gratuities are very much appreciated.

  • Do you offer party bus transportation service?

No, but we will offer transportation in the near future.

  • Can we bring our own music?

Yes however, My Dream Spa Bus features in-vehicle Karaoke, CD/DVD players, AUX flash driver ports, and up to date sound systems to keep kids entertained during their spa service and party. We also have internet so they watch can YouTube karaoke videos and and sing-alongs.